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Lesson 7

Too late


First listen and then answer the question.


Did the detectives save the diamonds?


   The plane was late and detectives were waiting at the airport all morning. They were expecting a valuable parcel of diamonds from South Africa. A few hours earlier, someone had told the police that thieves would try to steal the diamonds. When the plane arrived, some of the detectives were waiting inside the main building while others were waiting on the airfield. Two men took the parcel off the plane and carried it into the Customs House. While two detectives were keeping guard at the door, two others opened the parcel. To their surprise, the precious parcel was full of stones and sand!


New words and expressions 生词和短语


detective n. 侦探

airport n. 机场

expect v. 期待,等待

valuable adj. 贵重的

parcel n. 包裹

diamond n. 钻石

steal v.

main adj. 主要的

airfield n. 飞机起落的场地

guard n. 警戒,守卫

precious adj. 珍贵的

stone n. 石子

sand n. 沙子





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New words and expressions】生词和短语

detective  n. 侦探

detective story 侦探小说


airport  n. 机场

airfield  n. 飞机起落的场地

port 港口; airport航空港

field 田野; airfield 停机坪

at the airport

on the airfield


expect  v. 期待, 等待

except (prep)除……之外

expect/ik'spekt/ v. 期待, 等待

I think so.

I expect so.我希望如此[口语]

expect sb.to do sth.期待某人做某事

expect sth.及物动词 : I expect your letter.

I expect you to write back.

wait for sth./wait for sb.不及物动词


wait for:动作上的等待

I wait for my mother.

I expect my mother to come back.


valuable  adj. 贵重的

precious  adj. 珍贵的

value n.v ---valuable adj.有价值的

sth.is valuable/sth.is precious

precious 带有感情色彩的

precious photo 珍贵的照片

price 价格; priceless adj.-less 表否定; 没有价格的, 无价的

valueless adj. 没有价值, 不足道的

worth : worthless adj. 无价值的


parcel  n. 包裹

diamond  n. 钻石

precious stone 宝石

crystal 水晶; jade

diamond ring 钻石戒指


steal  v.


steal sth. (某物)

rob sb. (某人)

My wallet was stolen.

I was robbed.

rob the bank 与地点相连的偷抢都用rob+地点


main adj. 主要的

main building; main street

main sentence; main idea


guard  n. 警戒, 守卫

life guard 救生员/body guard 保镖

stone  n. 石子

sand  n. 沙子

本课重点 : 过去进行时, 一般过去时


共同点 : 动作在过去都做过了.

区别 : 过去式只能强调过去的事, 和现在没有任何关系.

I ate a piece of bread.

现在完成时, 过去的事情对现在产生的影响.

I have eaten a piece of bread this morning.I'm not hungry.

The clock stopped.陈述事实

The clock has stopped.过去的事实对现在造成影响

It snowed yesterday.

It has snowed yesterday.强调对现在造成影响


all morning=all the morning

The plane was late 飞机晚()

The bus was late./The train was late.

detectives 没有强调一些侦探或者那些侦探, 强调侦探这种人

笼统感念, 可不加some,the

....were waiting... 故事背景, 用进行时态

They were expecting...期待着心理上的等

They were waiting for...

a valuable parcel of diamonds

a cup of tea 强调的是茶

South Africa 南非

a few hours earlier 几个小时以前

a few hours before/a few hours ago

someone had told...过去完成时, 过去以前发生的事情

...that thieves would try to...

would+do 过去将来时,间接方式, 转述, 站在过去看未来

that 从句.典型的宾语从句, 起转述作用

steal sth.

one...the other.../some...others...


...the plane arrived,...were waiting inside the main building

while others were waiting on...

when; while 当……时候

while能用when代替;  但是when却不一定能用while代替.

while+从句, 动作一定会延续

when+延续性动词/瞬间动词; when he arrived

when he died


过去进行时 :

在过去的某一点时间, 或者是过去某一动作同时发生的另外一个动作


I am arriving 进行时态表示将要

When he arrived,I was having dinner.

同时发生的两个动作, 均用过去进行时

When I was doing my homework,my mother was cooking.

When my mother was doing the housework,my father was watching TV.


1.一个用一般过去时, 另一个用过去进行时

2.分工的情况, 均用过去进行时

When the plane arrived,...were waiting inside the main building

while others were waiting on...

Two men took the parcel off...

take sth.off...=take sth.away from...

and carried it into...carried 表示看得很重

Customs House 海关


...were keeping guard at the door,two others opened the parcel.

表面上是分工, 两个动作同时发生, 不是同时开始同时结束, 延续时间不一致,

长一点时间的动作用进行时态, 短时间的动作用过去时.

When someone knocked at the door,I was having dinner.

keep guard 守卫; at the door 在门边(固定搭配)

two others=two other detectives

To their surprise

to one's surprise,让某人惊讶的是

To my surprise,the teacher was late.

To one’s +表达人情绪的名词

to one's joy

To my joy, my mother came here yesterday.

to one's excitement

To our excitement,our team wins.

be full of ...装满
My bag was full of books.

The cup is full of water.



a few hours ealier 几个小时以前

two others

to one's surprise,...

be full of 装满


重点 : 过去动作同时发生的时态

1.过去两个动作同时发生, 习惯上一个用一般过去时, 另一个用过去进行时

; 动作长用过去进行时, 动作短用一般过去时; 分工的情况, 动作的开始时间和

结束时间几乎相同, 均用过去进行时;

I was listening to the radio,my sister was dancing.

2.两个动作在同时段进行, 在不同时间结束, 先发生的动作未结束, 另一个动作

发生, 先发生的动作用进行时态, 另一个动作用过去时.

When the telephone rang,I was opening the door.先开门

When the telephone was ringing, I opened the door. 电话先响

3.瞬间动词没有进行时态, 所以两个动作同时发生, 延续性动词用进行时态, 瞬间



Special Difficulties难点

Do you remember these sentences?

come and look at...

I am looking for...


Now read these sentences


look at ; look after照料



take off the coat......take the coat off/take it off

coat n.作宾语

put on your shoes/put your shoes on/put them on



介词出现, 一定要有宾语, 所以 v.+prep.+宾语(n.)

副词可省略.v.+宾语(n./pron.)+adv. 或 v.+adv.+宾语(n.)

at,after prep; off adv.



take vt./look vi.

I always take money with me.我身上总带些钱



put the book on the desk--> put vt.

put out...-->out adv.

He is looking for his pen.......for prep.


1  He gave away all his books.

2  She woke up the children early this morning.

3  He is looking for his umbrella.

4  They cut off the king's head.

5  Put on your hat and coat.

6  Give it back to your brother.

7  Help me to lift up this table.

8  Take off your shoes and put on your slippers.

9  He is looking at the picture.

10  Send her away or she will cause trouble.

11  They have pulled down the old building.

12  Make up your mind.

13  He asked for permission to leave.

She threw away all those old newspapers.


1.give away...-->give(vt.)-->give...away

2.woke up...-->wake sb.(vt.);up(adv.)-->wake...up...

wake me up.叫醒我; 代词做宾语, 放在动词与副词之间

3.look for...-->look(vi.)

4.cut off...-->cut(vt.);cut oneself;cut hair

5.put on...-->put...on...

6.give it back...-->it(pron.)

7.lift up...-->up(adv.)可省略; lift(up)sth;lift sth.up

8.take off...;put on...--->take (vt.)put(vt.)

9.look at...--->look(vi.)

10.send her away...---her(pron.)

11.pull down...-->pull(vt.);down(adv.)

pull one's leg 开玩笑

You are pulling my leg.你开我玩笑

12.make up...--->make(vt.)up one's mind习惯用法不换,语法上可换

13.ask for...-->ask(sb.)for sth. 其实是省略sb.故不可换

14.throw away...-->throw(vt.)...away...






look at her;at (prep)

put him off;off(adv)


词组当中的练习, 短语be interested in 不能用at on等代替

如果不能接收, 就记住--放弃

如果已经说过, 还没有明白, 就要执著弄懂


Multiple choice questions】多项选择题

5  Someone had told the police that thieves would try tosteal the diamonds. This happened ______ the plane arrived.

a.before b.after c.when d.as soon as

5.had done.——两个动作先后发生(一个动作结束, 另一个动作才发生)用过去完成时

before:在……之前   as soon as:一……就    


8  The detectives were ______ a valuable parcel of diamonds.

a.expecting b.waiting c.expecting for d.expecting to

8.expect, wait

I expect so.   I expect yourletter.  expect somebody to do

wait for

expect somebody to       expecting


9  The parcel was valuable. It was ______ .

a.worth  b.worthy c.preciousd.value

9.valuable......precious  value:名词

worth后面一定要加动词   somethingis worth...

The book is worth reading.(动名词)

The book is worth three dollars.

Worthy adj n......be worthy of(固定搭配)

This book is worthy of being read [to be read].


acts worthy of punishment


Worthless adj......something is worthless(后面不加任何东西)


10  The thieves wanted to ______ the diamonds.

a.rob b.steal c.take from d.take to



Key structures】 关键句型

Exercises D

1 As my father ______ (leave) the house, the postman ______(arrive).

2  Tom ______ (work) in the garden while I ______ (sit) inthe sun.

3  As I ______ (walk) down the street, I ______ (meet)Charlie.

4  While he ______ (read) the letter, he ______ (hear) aknock at the door.

5  While mother ______ (prepare) lunch, Janet ______ (set)the table.

6  She ______ (drop) the tray when I ______ (speak) to her.


1.As:正当  将要走  bedoing   was leaving ...arrived(两个瞬间动词同时发生可能性很小, 应具体分析, 故用进行时态表将来)

2.was working...was sitting

3.was working...met

4.was reading...heard : hear是不用进行时态的

5.set the table摆桌子   was preparing...set

6.dropped...was speaking


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新概念英语第二册课后习题答案详解Lesson  7

  1. b  根据课文第3-4someone hadtold the police that thieves would try to stealthe diamond 和第8-9While two detectives were keeping guard at thedoor…可以判断出b. to prevent a robbery 是正确答案,其他3个都不对。

2. c  根据课文最后一句话To their surprise, theprecious parcel was full of stonesand sand! 可以推测出c. didnt prevent the robbery 是正确的答案。其他3个选择都不符合课文内容。

3. c  从回答中可以看出,此问句是对地点发问的, a. Why, b.When, d. What 都不能针对地点提问,只有c.Where是问地点的,可以用Atthe airport 来回答,所以选c.

4. d  这一句是针对动词宾语提问的,回答是用名词短语A valuableparcel of diamonds . a. Why,  b.When , C. where 这几个疑问词都不能针对动词宾语(名词)提问的,只有d. What 可以对名词提问。

5. a  前面句子是过去完成时(hadtold,表示在过去某一动作或情况发生之前完成的事情,“某人告诉警察。。。。”这一事件一定是在“飞机到达之前”发生的。所以正确答案选a. before(在……之前)

6. c  a. in后面需要有一个表示地点的名词,意思才完整;b. into在意思上讲不通;d. for后面需要有一个名词做宾语,意思才完整;只有c. inside(在里面)意思最完整,而且与前半句的动作went into the building相符合,所以选c.

7. d  4个选择中只有d. took it off 最符合题目意思和语法,所以选d.

8. a  b.waiting 是不及物动词,后面不能直接跟名词;c. expecting for 中的expect是及物动词,后面不能加for;d. expecting to expect后面不能加to; 只有a. expecting最符合语法。

9. c  本句需要选一个与前句中的valuable(宝贵的,珍贵的)意思相同的形容词做表语。a. worth 可以做名词和形容词,意思是“价值”,“值得……的”,不是valuable的同义词;b. worthy 是形容词,意思是“有价值的”“值得的”常于of 或不定式连用,不能单独做表语,也不是valuable的同义词;d. value 是名词,不符合词性;只有c. precious 是形容词,意思是“宝贵的”,“珍贵的”,是valuable的同义词,可以做表语,所以选c

10. b   c. takefrom , d. take to 都不符合语法;a. rob b. steal都有“窃取”的意思,但steal强调“偷偷地或悄悄地趁人不注意时窃取”,而rob则强调“通过武力明目张胆地盗窃或抢劫”。Steal这一动作的执行者应该是thief(小偷),而rob的动作执行者却是robber(强盗)。因为本句的主语是thethieves,所以选b.

11. a  本句是要解释前一句中的 the main building(主楼)b. smallest(最小的)c. first(第一)d.greatest(最伟大的)3个选择都不符合词义,只有a.most important(最重要的)意思与themain意思最接近,所以应该选a.

12. b  本句如果选a. full with, c. full by, d.full in 都有语法错误,full 只能同of连用,表示“充满……的”,因此选b. full of.


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